Mick Jagger attends the ‘Get On Up’ premiere and tribute To Brian Grazer on September 12, 2014 in Deauville, France. © Pascal Le Segretain.

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How do i get the picture of Keith sitting drinking his wine! In his awesome pants?
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Bianca Jagger backstage with Ahmet Ertegun during the Rolling Stones’ 1975 Tour of the Americas. 

Stoned is the word that might describe (the band at the time). (Laughs) It was a difficult period, because we had all these lawsuits going with Allen Klein. We had to leave England because of tax problems. We had no money and went to live in the South of France - Exile On Main Street was the first album we made where we weren’t based in England, thus the title. In retrospect I think moving out of England was a very good thing because England was very dull. Having a home base was really becoming a load of old rubbish. Everyone was living in the country with their families. I think the band would have broken up otherwise. When the band moved out of England, then we only had the band. If we had lived in England I probably would have quit and retired to live in the country. I agree you need a base of some kind though. ― Mick Jagger: Leaving England and becoming gypsies, or Rolling Stones (with no direction home) .

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Jimmy: “Why would Chuck Berry punch Keith Richards?”

Keith: “I was back in a dressing room; he was doing a gig. He went up to collect the money, I think. He was a tightwad—bless you Chuck.”

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